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Stackers, Conveyors, & Trimmers

30013Baldwin Count-o-veyor, Model 105
30021Balwin Stack-o-veyor, Model 125, Serial # 125CE310
30041Baldwin/Stobb 150 OL
30051Gammerler STL 700 Stacker
30084Stobb PI Stackers, High and Low DDF on Count-o-veyor Reliance controls, Serial # 1342 (bottom), Serial # 119 (top)
30091Stobb PI Stacker
30102Stobb PC Single width vertical Stacker,
30113Stobb PB Stacker
30121Stobb VSB-III
30141Rima Stacker, Model RS 2510 S 13”
30201Butler SMC Model V-1000 Stacker
30212Rima Stacker, Model RS50
30222 Baldwin Count-O-Veyor Rebuilt and Upgraded PLC and Display with Speed Following
30231Harris Graphics Rima Stacker Model #RS-3010 13"
w/ E300 Digital Control
30241Heidelberg Harris Rima Stacker Model RS-3010 17"
30252Gammerler 90" Power Belt Conveyors
30261Gammerler SM211 Splitting Module Deserter
30271Harris Graphics Rima Bump Turn